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Primary Services

All our services are designed, inspired and led by queer, neurodivergent and lived- experience. Whether you are looking for support for yourself, or a parent or professional hoping to learn more about supporting the queers and neurodivergents in your life, we can help.

Sibling Counselling.png

Specialised Therapy

Personalised support for individuals, siblings and families

Group Therapy.png

Group Programs

Meet and connect with other like-minded individuals through therapy groups

Our Programs

Our programs aim to offer a safe enough space for anyone who may be overwhelmed by the thought of one-to-one therapy, and would much rather experience a more social approach to therapy, through similar special interests.


Critical Hit Therapy

Dungeons and Dragons Group Therapy


DBT Skills Group

DBT Skills Group for Adolescents


Special Interest Tourism

Therapeutic connection through special interests


Creative Tourism

Therapeutic connection through creative activities

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