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About Us

Who We Are

Deep Seas is a unique therapy service that focuses on supporting the connections that matter most to us and we believe that our ability to connect and regulate starts with the support of others. 


Our Philosophy

Everyone deserves to feel safe, and content in our connections and relationships.

This includes the relationship between ourselves and those around us. 

Our Values

Our values influence and inspire everything that we do, which includes how we work with you!

Our Values = Deep Seas.


Drawn from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, to be "dialectical" is about finding the balance between two opposites. Through dialectical thinking, we see that all things are interconnected and change happens constantly, and is inevitable.  

Dialectical thinking encourages us to swap BUT for AND. 


We know it is important to constantly evolve with the times. While we value and respect the past we acknowledge that there is knowledge in future generations that deserve to be heard and practiced also. This includes our service practice and who we are as individuals (in and out of sessions).


We believe that everyone deserves to effectively express themselves, however, that may look. 

We honour and respect different communication styles, preferences and abilities and are committed to providing you with the space where you can express yourself with whatever method you feel safest using.


Being person-centred means treating each person with dignity and respect, recognising that each one of us is different and has the right over our own choice and control.


Security encompasses every aspect of our life, including financial, environmental, personal or relational and all are interconnected. Through a holistic lens, we aim to support you in identifying what security feels for you.


While we often work on an individual level, we are also mindful of our communities, and so we are passionate in supporting those who feel voiceless, to have the power to speak their truth and hold their power within their own lives.


No one seeking help deserves to find themselves unable to get the support they need. Therefore, we ensure that our services are as accessible as possible to all; providing outreach appointments, online appointments, and onsite appointments (at our office in the northern suburbs). 


Everything we do focuses on protecting our state of safety, whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally or sensorily. Through a trauma-informed approach, we value the importance of feeling safe in our own skin.

Our Story

Learn more about who we are, and how we began

Our Team

Meet the team behind Deep Seas

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