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Our Approach

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy allows autistic clients to reframe their experiences in a way that is empowering and validates their unique perspective. Autistic individuals often face social and communication challenges that can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Narrative Therapy provides a safe and supportive space for them to explore their experiences and express themselves without judgment.

Through the process of Narrative Therapy, autistic individuals can identify the dominant narratives that have been imposed on them by society and challenge them. They can also create new narratives that acknowledge and celebrate their strengths and capabilities, rather than focusing on their deficits. This can help them develop a more positive self-image and build confidence in their abilities.

Narrative Therapy can also be adapted to suit the communication style and sensory needs of autistic individuals. For example, the therapist can use visual aids or social stories to facilitate understanding and communication. Additionally, the therapist can help the client develop coping strategies for dealing with sensory overload or anxiety.

Overall, Narrative Therapy offers a unique and effective approach for autistic clients to develop a more positive self-concept, improve communication skills, and build resilience.

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