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Our Team

Meet Winnie

Winnie is our OG office dog, and therapy dog in training at Deep Seas.

Winnie is a chihuahua cross but is often mistaken for a cat or a rat, due to her size. Now despite how small she is, she makes up for it with the love she gives out and her cheeky smile.

When she is not busy working, she's curled up in one of my squishmellow cushions napping... OR running laps of the backyard trying to catch flies or cowering from magpies.


When she is not hanging out at the office during the week, spending time with our clients, she is on the sidelines at my lacrosse matches, befriending all the spectators with her mischievous personality. 

If you would like for Winnie to join in on a therapy session, please let us know. She would love to meet you!

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