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All you need to know about Deep Seas is below! 

To know more about El (the Founder of Deep Seas) and get up close and personal with them, click on the button to be redirected to their page. 

What We Do

Aside from that, Deep Seas is a holistic support service for youth and those young at heart, working alongside them in connecting deeper with themselves and others
(the connections that mean most to them). 

We offer this through a number of ways: 

By 2023 we hope to add Individual and Sibling Counselling to our list of services

An Acronym

So, in case you did not know, Deep Seas is an acronym. 

Below is what the acronym stands for:

Lived Experience Driven

We recognise and value other forms of lived experience including those related to sex, sexuality and gender identity, culture, ability, homelessness and alcohol and other drug use. Within our approach to peer work and definition of lived experience, we see these as intersecting and often additional to lived experiences of mental ill health and recovery, but not in place of.