In 2021, we were super lucky to start up as Deep Seas just before Mental Health Awareness Month and BPD Awareness Week (both in October) which has given us a ton of great connections, new skills and loads of great friends. 

As of now, here is just a few of the projects I am working on and am very passionate about!

If you want to find out more on the finished projects I worked on during 2021 thanks to Mental Health Coalition SA and BPD Collaborative. click here to be directed back to our Projects and Advocacy Page. 

lived experience leadership and advocacy network

Through LELAN, I am currently undertaking their workshops and learning opportunities through their Lived Experience Leadership and Governance Training Program. The goal is to gain certification in Lived Experience Leadership and Lived Experience Governance.  

Art Class

A Lived Experience Representative in co-Design

As a Lived Experience Representative, I have been sharing my experience and values around mental wellbeing with a national NGO with the goal to create a mental health service in the North/North East Suburbs of Adelaide. 
Be sure to watch this space.

Image by Amélie Mourichon

break the limits with burnside lacrosse club

This project is one very close to my heart as it is in connection with my local team and sports club to build their social and junior engagement profile., 

break the limits.jpg

creative wellbeing calendar/zine 2022 with bpd co

In recognition of BPD Awareness Week and the theme 'Discover Creative Wellbeing', BPD Co. are in the process of setting up a calendar and zine to show all the creative ways to practice self care to the wider community. I am in the process of organizing some entries, but if you're interested to, then be sure to contact Jess or Karen from BPD Co. on 08 7425 6500 or click here for submission details.


artistry collective

Artistry Collective is a fabulous studio in Eastwood (SA) that is the home of a number of local artists from a range of industries, with a range of talents. 
This includes hand-poke and machine tattoo artists, nail artists, watercolour freelance artists and beauty therapists! In 2021 I was lucky enough to find this amazing group of artists and am super privileged to say that my art and crafty items are joining the space in 2022.